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A message from the Chairman of the Access Class Association UK

1st May 2009

A message from the Chairman of the Access Class Association UK news article

Sails for ACA(UK) TT Events and National Championships

The attention of all sailors who race Access Class boats in the UK is drawn to the Class Rules which apply from the 2009 season onwards. As promulgated on the website these are the International Class Rules with some amendments published on the website as:

Special Class Rules for Access Dinghies when participating in UK Travellers Trophy Events and National Championships

This means that all sails used at ACA(UK) events must conform to the Class Rules Section G and Appendix 2 as amended by Special Class Rules paragraph 4.3. This effectively means that only Australian-made Horizon sails may be used, but that older Horizon sails with the smaller numbers will still be accepted for 2009 and ensures that boats used in UK events conform to the “One Design” principles of the class and will be acceptable for International and World Championships.

At the first TT event of 2009 at Whitefriars SC, two boats sailed with non-Horizon sails which complied with the ACA(UK) 2008 rules. They were allowed to compete by special permission of the ACA(UK) Technical Sub-Committee members present. However, this concession will not be allowed for future ACA(UK) events.

It is also apparent that some sails used at Whitefriars had the older small sail numbers which had faded, making them very difficult for the Race Management team to read. Any sailors who use boats with barely readable sail numbers should arrange to have clear sail numbers of the new size of 175mm high (minimum), and contrasting colour, applied to their sails in accordance with the Class Rules. These numbers are available from SSM Ltd in black, or by special order for other colours.

From the Burghfield TT onwards, warnings will be given to any boats with faded or “difficult to read” sail numbers requiring the sails to have new sail numbers applied before being used in competition again at UK events.

Any comments on this message should be directed to me.

Happy sailing to all,

Richard Smallwood
Chairman ACA(UK) and
ACA(UK) Technical Sub-Committee

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